• Where can I pay my bill?

    Use our Location Search tool to find our locations near you, based on your zip code.

  • How do I find out the status of my money order?

    Have your money order serial number handy and use our money order status look-up tool.

  • How do I request a money order photocopy or refund?

    Go to our Consumers webpage, you will see ?Request money order photocopy or refund?. Select your language and submit a request to us. 

  • How do I become a Fidelity Express agent?

    Complete the form on our Agents webpage so a representative can contact you directly to get the agent application process started.

  • How do I complete AML training?

    Login to the Agent web-portal and select AML Review/Exam from the menu list. For more information about Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Policy, visit our Agents webpage.

  • How do I obtain a user login?

    To obtain a user ID and password, complete our Contact Us form for a representative to contact you directly or call us at 800-621-8030.

  • How can I view past or present bill payments?

    Login to the Biller web-portal, go to Services, select Bill Pay Search, click on the drop down and select the appropriate biller number, select your desired ?To & From Date/Time? and click ?Search?.

  • How do I view current bill pay locations?

    From our home page, enter the geographic point of interest and the biller name, then click 'Search'.