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Bill Payment

Our walk-in bill pay service is a fast, convenient and secure way to pay every-day bills ranging from electric and water to rent and insurance. Consumers go to one of our agent locations in their neighborhood, present a bill stub to the clerk along with either cash or check for the bill, as well as a convenience fee. The clerk scans the bill stub, collects payment and the transaction is complete. Our cutting-edge technology quickly verifies, validates and reports the payment to Fidelity Express while the consumer is still at the counter. We guarantee delivery of funds to the biller so there is no risk to the consumer.

Our patented, real-time technology images bill stubs and checks, saving the images for future reference. The consumer leaves with their bill stub, a check if they paid with one, and a receipt. Payments are posted to consumers’ accounts as fast as the biller’s system will allow, many the same day.

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